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Taekwondo is a Korean unarmed martial art. In Korean, tae means “to strike or break with foot;” kwon means “to strike or break with fist;” and do means “way,” “method,” or “art.” Thus, taekwondo may be loosely translated as “the way of kicking and punching.” The main goal of the Taekwondo practitioner is to achieve total mind and body control through training.

Taekwondo training includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and strikes as well as various take-downs and sweeps. Traditional Taekwondo combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation, and philosophy. Taekwondo has been an Olympic event since 2000.

Dr. Richard Chun is the Chairman and Executive Director of the United States Taekwondo Association. He is a 9th Dan International Grand Master Instructor of Taekwondo and a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. He was instrumental in organizing the Annual Universal Taekwondo Championships in the 1960’s. He was appointed head coach of the U.S.A. Taekwondo team in 1973 for the first World Taekwondo Championships in Seoul.

Han Ho instructor and Chun

Grandmaster Richard Chun,
USTA President

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Hapkido contains both long and close range fighting techniques utilizing dynamic kicking and percussive hand strikes. Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

Grand Master Tae Jung is an 8th Dan Black Belt and President of the World Hapkido Association. Grand Master Jung studied in Seoul, South Korea where he trained with Grand Master Inshik Hwang, a second generation master taught by the founder of Hapkido, Grand Master Yong-Sool Choi. Supreme Master Inshik Hwang, 10th Dan Hapkido, has devoted all of his life to the training and development of Hapkido. Master Hwang has trained many outstanding Masters and celebrities. Among them are the famous Jackie Chan and Mao Ying (the lady Hapkido). He has also been featured in many martial art movies himself and is known all over the world.

Han Ho instructor and Jung

Grandmaster Tae Jung,
WHA President

Han Ho Martial Arts, Slate Hill, NY

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. MMA encompasses disciplines from various martial arts and Olympic sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, tae kwon do, wrestling and judo.

As an evolving sport, we at Secret Weapon MMA work to create a solid foundation from already proven fight techniques/strategies after which we implement proven techniques from martial art styles that are new and on the cutting edge in this arena.

Haedong Kumdo

Haedong Kumdo is a Korean sword art which draws from battlefield tactics and techniques to build a curriculum for mental, physical, and spiritual development.
The origin of Haedong Kumdo is from the military system of Kokurye, which dates back 1,500 years ago in Korea. Haedong Kumdo is based on real techniques for field combat – one warrior against many, with a real sword. It was the Korean understanding of warfare that laid the foundations for the Japanese Samurai. Kumdo literally means “sword way.”

We teach forms, sparring, and cutting techniques utilizing jukdo (bamboo sword), mukgum (wooden sword), gakkum (dull steel), and ultimately - jingum (real sword). A minimum age of 8-years-old is required to attend this class.

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