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Han Ho Martial Arts II is now open in Walden, NY! 




At Han Ho Martial Arts, we approach the training of martial arts as a unity of body, mind and spirit. We respect each student as an individual and help them to achieve their personal best.


Achieve Personal Goals

Not only do we teach respect and discipline in a nurturing, team environment, but we help to get you into better physical shape and develop stronger mental focus and concentration.



We teach skills that can save your life or that of a loved one. Contact us today to start your martial arts training.

Superior Martial Arts Training

Han Ho Martial Arts in Middletown and Walden, New York, offers training in traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts, self-defense, and defensive tactics training. In addition to age appropriate classes and private training, we proudly train the men and women of regional police departments, correctional facilities, and community and corporate outreach programs.

In all our traditional and mixed martial arts programs, Han Ho Martial Arts teaches more than just the sport aspect. We respect each student as an individual and help them to achieve their own personal best. Respect and discipline are taught in a professional, team environment while allowing each person to realize their full potential and develop their confidence, skills, and character at their own pace.

We are certified members of the United States Taekwondo Association under the guidance of founder and President Grand Master Richard Chun. We are also certified members of the World Hapkido Association under the guidance of President Grand Master Tae Jung. Our training is current and competitive and strives to maintain the deep-rooted traditions of these ancient Korean arts.

Whether you’re looking for traditional training, streamlined skills for mixed martial arts cage fighting, or both, we can help you achieve this and more.

Han Ho Martial Arts, Slate Hill, NY

Why Choose Han Ho Martial Arts?

  1. Our instructors are all certified, extremely well-trained, and take great pride in their work.
  2. We work hard to ensure you reach all your own personal goals.
  3. We are nationally recognized through our continued achievement of top honors and awards.